What is a Constable? 

Constables and their deputies in Texas are official, certified Texas law-enforcement officers. Constables and their deputies must graduate from a state-certified law enforcement academy. All peace officers in Texas are trained to the same state requirement. Constables and their Deputies also have identical powers of arrest as county sheriffs and their deputies.

Williamson County Constables and their deputies may serve civil process in any precinct in their county and any contiguous county and can serve arrest warrants anywhere in the state. The duties of a Texas constable generally include providing court room security for the justice of the peace court(s) within the precinct and serving process issued there and from any other court.

Williamson County Constables and their Deputies can respond to 911 calls and assist any of the area law enforcement agencies as needed. Constable Deputies conduct environmental crimes investigations that occur in their precincts. The Constable’s authority considerably overlaps with that of the County Sheriff, especially with respect to serving civil documents as well as criminal warrants.